CBT: Some cafes of Ho Chi Minh City

December 22, 2011


For those of you in the know, Vietnam is actually the 2nd largest producer of coffee in the world, after Brazil. They mainly produce Robusta beans, which has a stronger, more robust (duh) flavour than Arabica, grows at lower altitude and contains about 50% more caffeine. Its resistance to disease, higher yield per tree and […]

Hoi An

December 21, 2011


And so I am sitting here right now (yea, you could call this ‘live blogging’) in Hoi An, Vietnam at a cafe overlooking a street. I’m quite literally people-watching after a lunch of Vietnamese noodles, thinking random thoughts while waiting for my custom-made shoes to be ready. Hoi An, has Unesco World Heritage status. Which […]

Storyteller Food

December 18, 2011



CBT: Toby’s Estate Coffee Degustation #001

December 14, 2011


Attended Toby’s Estate Coffee Degustation session last evening. For those of you familiar, degustation in F&B terms kinda means to taste or to sample. And so we had a chance to sample 3 awesome coffees from Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala. All 3 coffees were the table toppers in the recent Cup of Excellence competition […]

Dr. Tan Lai Yong

November 9, 2011


I finally got a chance to hear the inspirational Dr. Tan Lai Yong today. We need more people like that who are wise; and who live out their wisdom. Here are some materials online about him that I’ve gathered from Google. Yunnan-Singapore Doctor: Straits Times Feature on CNNGo Dr Tan as featured on CNA’s ‘Asians […]

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The old has gone, the new has come. 旧的不去,新的不来

October 29, 2011


This post is merely an opinion piece of my observation on a societal trend. There is no intention of criticising any institution or corporate practice.  And so in an institution I am in contact with recently, I had heard that the auntie who helmed one of the stalls has to close down her tiny business […]